Sprinkles are forCupcakes Quote | Cross Stitch Pattern

Sprinkles are forCupcakes Quote | Cross Stitch Pattern

This fun cross stitch pattern can be completely customised to your preferences. The colours in the photo are for reference only, I quite like a green/blue theme in bathrooms so I naturally gravitated towards those colours for this design. 


Reading the words 'sprinkles are for cupcakes, not toilets' it makes a fun and lighthearted bathroom decor item. You can make complete this cross stitch using full stitches only. This makes it perfect for a beginner stitcher, but also the more advanced stitchers will enjoy stitching this too. With the endless colour creations you can make you really can use whatever thread colours you have on hand.

This download includes an image of the finished pattern.

The full pattern in colour with symbols spread across multiple pages.

The legend with DMC number references and each allocated symbol.

Sizing of the finished design, measured in the number of stitches.


Please get in contact if you would prefer the pattern to be adapted to your specific requirements For example; in black and white, your preferred colour scheme or bigger print.


*This is just the pattern download! You will not receive a physical item with this order*