Rainbow Building Blocks | Needle Minder

Rainbow Building Blocks | Needle Minder

A magnetic needle minder is the most perfect accessory for anyone who uses a needle, or even metallic pins. Whether you attach it to your fabric, hoop or even just have it near you. The magnets on the back will attract your magnet too it, allowing you to know where you needle is at all times. Your favourite needle will never be lost again! 

Not only is this building blocks needle minder effective but it's also so much fun to play with! Each coloured block can be removed and replaced in a pattern of your own. It's not just your work that can look fun, what about the accessories? Add some cuteness to you work in progress with this building blocks needle minder!.


These neodymium magnets are very strong making your needle attach to it magnetically. Only the magnet will touch the fabric minimising any marks left behind on your fabric, keeping your hard work as beautiful as can be.


For sizing reference the photographed hoop is 4 inches and the magnets at the back are 1cm.