Mandal Colouring | Cross Stitch Pattern

Mandal Colouring | Cross Stitch Pattern

Are you ready to create something beautiful while meditating and relaxing yourself?


I welcome you the most calming activity hybrid, cross stitching and colouring.


Many adults turn to colouring for some therapeutic time. There are multiple adult colouring books produced every single day from geometric unicorns to swear words buried in flowers.


Colouring has been proven to enhance ones wellbeing and mental state, offering someone a time out and the chance to create something beautiful.


Cross Stitch has been said to be a form of meditation for some people, the repitition of the same movement in and out of the fabric. It offers the person stitching some time out and the chance to make something beautiful.


Do you see the correlation there?


I present to you the first MayheadThreads cross stitch colouring pattern.


The pattern you are purchasing has been designed in just black and white for the sole purpose of you adding your own colours.

The mixture of both cross stitching and colouring can greatly improve your well being and mental state but also provide you with the creative outlet you have previously lacked.


The pattern has already been made for you, all you need to do is stitch it! Simply stitch the outlined pattern and then free hand the rest. Add your own style to it. You could mix up the colours or keep it monochrome. Use some variegated threads. Use just two colours. Or even, stitch a different section each day depending on how you feel. The possibilities for the finished look are utterly endless.


*Please note this is only the PDF download! You will not receive any physical product once purchased*