French Bulldog | Matching Pocket & Scrunchie

French Bulldog | Matching Pocket & Scrunchie

I miss feeling like I have it all together with matching clothes, don't you?!


Thats the reason I have created this of stylish, on trend set of an iron on pocket and a hair Scrunchie.


You can now add extra character to your, once, boring clothes. Upcycling old clothes has never been easier for you.


The personality you are adding is just the start of the advantages of purchasing an iron on pocket.


Yes ok, it looks beautiful so what?


Well, let me tell you! It's a functioning pocket. *For limited stock there is a matching Scrunchie!*


Now, you can upcycle, personalise and add function all in one product. Best of all, you can boast about the fact that you made it.


Congratulations! You have just made your first item of clothing. Now you wear that handmade item with pride! Strut your stuff in your matching Scrunchie and pocket duo.


How To Iron on:

*Your iron should be on the highest heat setting.

*Ensure the steam has been turned off.

*Place your pocket where you would like it and iron for at least 30 seconds. (Please keep the iron moving on the pocket at all times to avoid burning)

*Turn inside out and iron for another 30 seconds.

*Allow to cool and it’s ready for wear!


For the best care please wash your clothing inside out and, when possible, on a low heat setting. Always leave at least 24 hours after applying to wash. The glue is activated by heat, to help the pocket have the longest life span try avoiding putting it into dryers. For extra strength you can sew the pocket onto the item of clothing, however this is not essential.