Dramatic Quote | Embroidered Tshirt

Dramatic Quote | Embroidered Tshirt

You can never have enough sass in your life, am I right? Add a little bit more with this Tshirt design.


This timeless Tshirt will be in your clothing collection for the foreseeable future. With a minimal design like this it is your answer to the forever bearing 'what will I wear today?'.


You can mix and match with any form of leg wear and you rest assured knowing your outfit is complete.

You have just made your own morning routine much easier. There is no need to decide what top you want to wear every single morning anymore because the answer is right here!


You will feel comfortable and confident in this Tshirt. With the slight sass in the embroidery and the comfort you feel when wearing it you really will be strutting your stuff.


*100% cotton material

*Completely unique designs

*Available in different sizes

*Colours can be customised to suit your preferences

*Easy to wash and iron

*Comfortable lightweight feel