Bumblebee | Hand Embroidered T-shirt

Bumblebee | Hand Embroidered T-shirt

How often are you adding new items into your wardrobe? I am sure it’s not as often as you would like with so many options out there now it can be hard to know where to shop.


Luckily I have the answer for you! All of the T-shirts that I offer are designed by myself. They are then hand embroidered to make each and every one unique in it’s own way. There are no two MayheadThreads T-shirts that are exactly the same.


At an affordable price there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to treat yourself. 


The 100% cotton t-shirt makes it super comfy and lightweight to wear. It’s an absolute staple in any woman's wardrobe. A motif that's doesn't take over the entire T-shirt but big enough to make a stand-out design.


Start your mornings right by putting on this t-shirt to make you feel positive and joyful about the day ahead.


This motif is hand stitched directly onto the t-shirt. This ensures the t-shirt stays as lightweight and as comfortable as possible.


Worried about washing it? Don’t be! You can just chuck this into your regular wash load and you’re good to go. 


*100% cotton material

*hand embroidered design

*Completely unique designs

*Available in three different sizes

*Colours can be customised to suit your preferences

*Easy to wash and iron

*Comfortable lightweight feel