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How did I get here?

After always watching the satisfying videos on social media, yeah you know the sewing ones that make everything look really easy? Those are the ones! Lockdown had me at new levels of boredom and looking for something to pass the time. Personally, I couldn’t think of a better time to pick up the needle.

I thought, as soon as lockdown ends I’ll put down the needle and threads forgetting this whole thing ever happened. Yet here we are! That needle I picked up back in April 2020? I haven't put it down yet!

Here at Mayhead Threads any form of fibre arts goes. Embroidery came first for me, although I was very quick to understand I was completely out of my depth. Onto cross stitching I jumped. I purchased every magazine on the store shelves and jumped in with both feet. Go hard or go home right? I then started designing my own cross stitch patterns. Stitched and shared them on social media. I realised there was a whole community full of people around my age who just loved the needle arts as well. I set up my own little etsy page, shared a couple of my patterns and away we went.

I built up the confidence to retry my hand at embroidery, purchased myself 20 brand new t-shirts and tote bags and went to town with them. With my new found knowledge and confidence I designed and hand embroidered some t-shirts to put up in my shop. The designs are changing all the time depending on what time of year it is, what I design and like, what other people like and mostly what I would want to purchase myself.

Feeling the need to branch-out even more I purchased a sewing machine. I soon realised it’s really not as easy as everyone makes it look. So, for now I stick to just sewing handmade scrunchies. Mostly, these are made from repurposed materials that I have no use for but make gorgeous hair accessories!


If you’ve got any questions, custom requests or even some ideas please contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

Bristol, UK

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